Entrepreneur Chrono 750 shared some jewels about what he learnt buying his first bit of jewellery that nearly cost him a serious chunk of money.

Although he’s gone on to become a watch connoisseur, his introduction to the game weren’t so smooth.

Rewind back to 2015, and the watch dealer’s career was nearly over before he had really got started.

Chrono had been dabbling, buying pieces for five grand here and there, but with this purchase he was entering the big leagues , as it was the first time he was splashing double figures on a watch.

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At first, Chrono thought he hit the jackpot when he saw a white gold Rolex Yacht Master two, on eBay going for about £17 grand, and they usually retail at £30k.

He saw an investment opportunity and went to cop it off of the seller in Westfield, Shepherds Bush after getting it checked out at the Rolex store.

Once it got the green light, Chrono was a happy man as he thought he was about to make a killing.

Chrono broke how he came across the Rolex on CEOCAST, “I went on eBay, it was a Rolex Yacht Master 2, white gold.

“The retail price was £33 thousand pound, I met the guy in Shepherd’s Bush Westfield in Rolex.

“Had it checked there and I paid him, I think, 17/18 grand. It was like half price, I was thinking, this is great.

“Where I had dealt with smaller watches, this was my biggest watch. I have gone from five grand straight to 17.”

But his dream soon turned to a nightmare as he couldn’t sell it because no body wanted white gold, everybody wanted yellow gold!

To make things worse, because he was a risk taker, Chrono had all his money tied up in the timepiece.

Chrono said, “I had it for four months, that was all my money pretty much I was sweating, I was in limbo.”

Luckily his nightmare came to an end when a watch dealer from Manchester came down to London and saved the day.

And he even made a few extra hundred pounds on the watch.

But the experience was a valuable one and Chrono took some gems to take with him on his hustling journey.

He added: “But in those four months, I learned what to buy and what not to buy.”

And the main one was to stay away from white gold, unless someone orders it specifically.

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