FUTURE AND T-PAIN used to be cool while the Atlanta rapper was on his come up.

But things went left between the pair in 2013, when Future featured on the smash hit ‘Bugatti’ with DJ Khaled’s former artist Ace Hood.

Because he was cool with Khaled at the time, Pain says he lent him his Bugatti to put in the video, which he later explained that Khaled actually gave him three grand to borrow.

The video shoot went ahead fine with the super car featuring heavily throughout the scenes.

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But it was Future’s part of the video that bothered T-Pain the most, as he claims the Atlanta rapper was flexing like he owned the Bugatti.

Pain wanted his credit and since Future or Khaled weren’t gonna let fans know the truth, he took matters into his own hands and told everyone himself.

And since he done that, Future ain’t ever fxcked with him again, Pain says.

He explained how it all went down in an interview on Drink Champs, when Nore asked him why he and Future didn’t rock with each other.

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Pain said: “When they put out I woke up in a new Bugatti, they had posted my Bugatti in their shxt.

“Everybody thinks it was like a big thing, people think me and Future fought or something, but it was literally like you sat in my Bugatti.

“And then said it was yours, then I told people it was not yours and that was the end of it.”

Pain likened the situation to someone going on a Tinder date in a shirt they’ve borrowed from a friend, then that friend turns up and announces that the person is in their shirt.

But despite his public attempt to get credit for his motor, he did admit that Future weren’t bothered by his claims and simply kept it moving.

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