IT WASN’T by chance that Harry Pinero and Miraa May welcomed their son into the world last May.

Just like his career trajectory so far, it was another well executed plan by Pinero to start making babies.

While he and May were spending time together, the 30-year-old revealed he was the one who expressed his desire to have a kid.

At that point contraception was removed from the equation and it was all guns blazing from HP, which resulted in the birth of their child.

HP explained how the baby-making process went down in an interview with presenter Henrie Kwushue on the Untold Stories show, titled Parenthood: ‘A First Time Father.’

He said: “I’m the one who said dash that contraception now, we don’t need that, let’s have a baby.”

But the popular YouTuber didn’t come to the life changing decision overnight.

When he realised he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Mira, it was a no-brainer that was what needed to happen.

He added: “Because I felt like this it the person I want to spend my life with.”

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