WHEN YOU think of someone being in prison, the last thing you expect them to tell you is that they were on a boat.

But that’s exactly what happened when rappers Digga D and Billy Billions went in to some of the things they experienced while in the system.

However, the pair weren’t on a boat that travels on water, they were on a boat that consists of other prisoners and food.

The word boat has a whole different meaning in HMP and Digga and Billy elaborated on what it stands for while putting together a meal on Kettle Kings, a show by Groundworks.

They were showing off their cooking skills using basic ingredients including pasta, mackerel, flour and a kettle, which is what most inmates have to work with in their cell.

The show’s host Adam Stand Up was so impressed with what he was seeing, that he asked Billy if he used to rustle up meals in his cell.

To which Billy replied: “If I weren’t on the boat, cell ting, man can’t starve.”

Adam weren’t prepared for his response and said: “What’s a boat bro??”

Billy kindly elaborated on the boat jail definition further, he added: “The boats when the man dem chip in, everyone puts in two mackerels, you feel me, and then one man cooks.”

The #98’s member then roped Digga who was in hysterics at this point into the conversation and said, “I know Digga knows.”

The West London star agreed and then added a bit more context to what happens when you’re on a boat.

He also revealed that the chef ended up with a nice amount of food for himself for doing the cooking for everyone,

The 21 year-old explained how it would go down if he was the chef, he said: “And they’ll take out everyone’s, so if you put a mackerel (pointing to Adam) he puts a mackerel (pointing to Billy), then I’m taking a bit out of everyone’s ‘cos I’m the chef.”

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