GIGGS and Buck have such a tight bond together that contracts ain’t needed when they’re handling business.

Other artists are always moaning about the shady deals they’ve signed, but Hollowman revealed him and his manager Buck don’t even think about getting paperwork involved when they’re making moves.

While speaking to Pretty Hood H on her self titled show, the rap legend broke down his and Buck’s business blueprint.

He said: “We don’t even sign contracts , man just make p’s, It’s just straight forward.”

This might be a shock to some, but Giggs is confident he can trust Buck due to what they’ve been through on the streets and in the music industry together.

Hollow went on to explain their unique dynamic to a curious Pretty Hood who wanted to know how the South London homies managed to so stay tight after all these years in such a cut-throat business.

He said: “Our things abit different, we’re coming from the street.

“Buck’s man’s manager, we’ve been through crazy shit that man might not even think you’d come back from.

“Our things deeper, sometimes me and Buck will have mad arguments, it kicks off then five minutes later it’s cool.

“So we’re not really just gonna fall out over nonsense, or try and bump each other.”

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