Most rappers all over the globe love and represent the estates where they come from.

In most of songs you’ll hear artists reference their beloved blocks and how much they mean to them.

Even billionaire Jay-Z made a whole song bigging up the city he was born in, but Chicago spitter G Herbo has taken his love for his hood to the next level.

Embed from Getty Images

Herb recently had a son with his girlfriend Tania and they named him Essex, after the Chiraq block where he got started in life.

In an recent interview on the Big Facts podcast, he spoke about his son’s unique name choice and what it means to him.

While breaking down some positive things he plans to do in the area based on 79th, Herb said: “I named my son Essex after my block.”

And his son’s name choice is the reason why Herb wants to make some changes to the place that holds a special place in his heart.

So that Essex can go back to the place he was named after with him and they won’t be in danger when he grows up.

Herb don’t want to be having to roll with a gun when his 40 years-old to keep him and his offspring safe.

Herb added: “I don’t wanna go back to my hood if I can’t bring my kids over there.

“If I can’t make that shxt good enough for me to stand out there, and not have to carry no gun when I’m 35/40 years old.

“That ain’t why I’m doing this shxt.”

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