TRAPSTAR embody the meaning of streets dictating culture as they’ve took over the globe with their brand that was built in inner West London.

From their humble beginnings, they’ve grown into one of the most recognisable brands in the world, with superstars like Rhianna and Jay-z known to rock their pieces regularly.

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But before Hov and Rhi Rhi took notice of Trapstar, which was founded by Mikey, Will and Lee, it was UK streets artist like Blade Brown that first fell in love with them.

The trap trio launched around 2007/8 and the South London entrepreneur’s been rocking with them ever since.

Which he spoke on while shopping at trainer specialist shop Kick Game when he noticed they had some exclusive Trapstar bits in their store.

Blade said: “I was wearing Trapstar in like 2007, long time bro, [from when they] first came out.”

Through his regular sauce spilling with Trapstar, Blade built a close bond with one of their founders, Mikey, which is still strong up ’til today.

The Bags & Boxes rapper was copping so much bits from them, that people thought he had to have some money invested in the brand.

Blade and Trapstar released an exclusive collab called The Trap Revolution Will Be Televised with Selfridges

He continued: “I bumped into Michael just naturally, and just started messing with the brand from early.

“I was messing with it so long, people thought I had something to do with it.”

And he ain’t stop messing with them either, Blade shared that he’s accumulated so much Trap pieces over the years that it’s got its own space in his wardrobe.

Blade added: “There’s a whole section in my wardrobe that’s just Trap.”

And Blade’s early faith in Trapstar has paid off, as in 2019, they linked up with the rapper to release an exclusive collection called The Trap Revolution Will Be Televised, a famous line that Blade rapped on the intro of Bags and Boxes 3, that was sold in Selfridges.

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