BLADE BROWN’S known to be a winner in most areas of life whether that be rap or in the business arena.

The South London entrepreneur, who’s responsible for mixtape classic quartet Bags & Boxes, has been rapping since the early 2000’s and is still going toe to toe with the best of them.

He’s also made some big moves away from the mic to make sure he avoided becoming one of those washed up rappers clinging on to their fame that AJ Tracey recently spoke about.

One of those major steps was opening a weed cafe in Spain under his BXB brand which was launched last year.

But one thing Blade seems to need some practice with is Mortal Kombat, as his lack of expertise on the joypad proved costly on his recent trip to crep shop Kick Game, which was put out on YouTube.

While kicking it at Kick Game with the store’s investor and his close friend Fredo, the pair decided to do battle on the classic video game.

But it wasn’t just a normal duel, it was for high stakes with Fred putting a pair of Supreme Air Forces on the line and Blade risking a bottle of one of the finest of brandy’s out there, Hennessy XO.

And not the baby one either, Blade was so confident of his skills he put the 3L joint on the line that cost a mean £800.

It was Fred who set the challenge aswell, he brought out the Supreme Forces and said to Blade: “Beat me at Mortal Kombat, they’re you innit.”

And when he wanted to know what he’ll get if he wins, Blade responded: “I’ll give you an exclusive Henny, an XO or suttin.”

However it seems as if Fredo was setting a trap for Blade and he went on to confidently win two rounds of the legendary video game, meaning Blade’s trip to Kick Game ended up costing him an arm and a leg.

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