BIRDMAN’S had many nicknames in his time as the CEO of Cash Money Records.

But the one gets thrown around the most is his No.1 STUNNA alias.

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However if it wasn’t for his rival, Bad Boy records boss Puff Daddy, the name may of never come about.

Birdman only started to use the STUNNA name after being stunted on by Puffy at a party on their come up in the music industry, according to Cash Money artist Hot Boy Turk.

Turk and his crew had rolled up to the party covered in Rolexes thinking they were the shxt.

That was until Puffy came through with a diamond encrusted time piece that he claimed cost more than all the Cash Money watches put together.

After hearing that, Baby vowed to never let anyone make him feel that small again.

Which gave birth to the No.1 Stunna, Turk told DJ Vlad in an interview.

He said: “One day we was in Atlanta, at a Puffy party, we all had Rolexes on.

“Baby had two Rolexes on, we went to a club in Atlanta and Puffy was hosting the party.

Embed from Getty Images

“So we all was stunting and showing off our Rolexes.

“And Puffy had a watch that cost a Million dollars.

“He say I got one watch with one diamond that cost more than all ya’ll diamonds put together.

“After that night man, Baby was like no body will ever out stunt me.

“And I believe that’s when he became the No.1 Stunna.”

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