BOBBY SHMURDA has declared his love for Air Force 1’s and revealed he thinks that they’re the best trainers ever made.

The rapper who just came home from a six-year bird in February made the bold claim while crep shopping with Complex.

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But although he thinks Air 1’s are the trainer G.O.A.T’s, the New York hit-maker did acknowledged that they’re throwaways.

When asked how he feels about the legendary 1’s in the Stadium Goods store, Shmurda said: “I love em, they the GOATS, greatest sneakers of all time Air Forces.

“I love them shits, but the all-whites, you can only wear them once, they one and done, that’s the ones you gonna run around in.”

Even the pair that Shmurda, who blew up from his smash hit ‘Hot Nigga’ in 2014, had on at the time we’re going in the bin at the end of the night he said.

The 28-year-old added: “By 12 o’clock tonight it’s done!”

Despite his love of Air 1’s, when it comes down to comfortabililty, Shmurda says he prefers Jordan’s.

He would even choose a pair of Jordan’s over designer brands such as Prada and Burberry to rock when stepping out.

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Shmurda continued: “I don’t care what I got on my feet, Prada, Burberry, I’ma choose Jordan’s.

“Jordan’s the best to run around in ‘cos they comfortable.”

And the Brooklyn native backed up his statement by splashing 6 grand on a combo of five pairs of both 1’s and Jordan’s before he left the store.

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