AVELINO has broken down to Zeze Mills and Sideman how he’s managed to make nearly a 100 bags away from the mic and the public eye.

The versatile musician who’s initially known for his dope rapping ability has been making some serious moves outside the booth in the past few years.

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The Tottenham born artist, who has had two Top 100 chart hits, lack of musical releases in recent times have left alot of fans wondering what he’s been upto.

And as making money from albums, streams and shows are usually a rapper’s primary source of income, his supporters have also questioned how he’s been eating.

But the 28-year-old has made sure he’ll be stuffing his pockets for a long time, by putting together a bunch of powerful plays that would make entrepreneur Alan Sugar proud.

Unlike his rap peers, Avelino saw another way to make money through syncs, which is how artists get their songs played in films and video games.

He told Zeze and Sideman on their Amazon Music show last week: “The beautiful thing about music is there’s so much ways to make money.

“I run my own publishing company called Sync Music and we specialise in securing syncs for artists, writers and producers.

“Why did I do that? I had a good record for getting syncs.

“A sync is just where you get your tune played in a game or film.”

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This turned out to be one of the best moves Avelino could’ve done, as it’s put him in a position where he’ll be good even if he don’t want to put out any hits.

Through Sync Music, Avelino claims he secured a cheque for £95 grand from FIFA 18, which he appeared on with his song ‘Energy’ that featured Stormzy and Skepta.

But Av weren’t done there and he followed this up a cheque from Tomb Raider the same year for his song POWERZ, which he says made him multiple ‘house deposits’.

He added: “Man launched FIFA 18…95bags! In Tomb Raider, however many house deposits!”

Both Zeze and Sideman were equally impressed with Av’s new business ventures and encouraged other rappers to follow his blueprint.

And Avelino ain’t the only rapper who’s making steps to thrive away from the mic.

Recently fellow MC AJ Tracey also revealed he’s got his fingers in other pies and has a booming property portfolio which he makes more from than music in the future to avoid become a washed up rapper clinging on to past success.

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