IF IT wasn’t for a Giggs and Posty interview that Pounds Sterling watched, we may have had to wait a bit longer for him to start the Winners Talking Podcast.

After disappearing from the rap scene for over a decade, Pounds was eager to get back involved in the business without having to touch the mic.

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He saw a lane in the growing podcast game which was fuelled by watching Nore’s Drink Champs model in the US, which the ex-rapper turned business mogul believed he could mirror.

But it was Posty’s line of questioning during Gigg’s Not For The Radio interview in 2018 that flicked the switch in Pound’s mind to get finally get the WTP underway, with co-host Big Doug.

Although the Lewisham native’s got a huge amount of respect for the GRM Daily owner and his achievements, he noticed important topics that should be spoken about with someone with Giggs’ street background wasn’t being covered.

During a rare, thorough chat about his life and career so far with Big Ego Media, Pounds spoke on his surprise.

He said: “I looked at Posty interviewing Giggs, and no disrespect to Posty cos I fxck with Posty.

“I watched it and said these man don’t get it, they’re not asking the right questions, they don’t get it.”

One of the major points Pounds couldn’t believe Giggs wasn’t asked about was how he felt coming back from touring Russia, coming from a tough place like Peckham.

Coming from a similar environment as the self-proclaimed Landlord, Pounds knew people like him were dying to know how something like that felt.

He added: “And now my man’s in Russia, I’m watching on Gigg’s Instagram, people jumping up and down, how mad is that for a donny from Peckham?

Pounds saw a lane that he could conquer in the Podcast game

“No-one asked him about nothing like that!”

And that was the moment Pounds realised there was a space for him to fill a void that was missing in the rap game.

Which was filled with rappers that come from the streets but was being covered by media outlets who couldn’t identify with their reality.

Pounds then went on to describe serious street issues that he could relate to that would separate him from any other media companies and podcasts out there.

He continued: “So I’m like this is why I need to my ting you know.

“Because these man don’t really get what it is.”

“These man don’t know about them kind of situations and that kind of life, you understand what I’m saying.

“I’m like, I need to talk to these men, so, that was just my thought process of, my ting will be set different.”

But although he started the podcast with the streets in mind, it’s turned into something bigger along the way.

Him and Doug have now find themselves as inspiring and motivating the masses with on their WTP pod released every Sunday on YouTube at 8pm, which they also call sermons.

The Lewisham business mogul shared the origins of the WTP with Big Ego Media

And a big part of their success together is that they both like to laugh and not take themselves too seriously despite knowing their knowing their strengths.

Pounds said: The turn that it’s taken, big shout outs to my bro Doug, unintentionally were both like minded and we wanna motivate and we wanna inspire.

“And we’re both comfortable with ourselves and we like to run joke and laugh.”

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