DAVE thinks Drake deserve all the credit he gets for helping him and so many other UK artists with their careers.

The Canadian superstar’s worked with a bunch of English stars such as Giggs, Skepta and Headie One, exposing them to a worldwide audience in the process.

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And the rappers that Drake ain’t hit the studio with yet, he’s given co-signs which has given their profiles an extra boost.

The Champagne Papi also played a part in bringing Netflix drama Top Boy which Dave starred in as Modie, back to our screens, and for these reasons the Streatham-born hit-maker thinks Drake’s impact on the UK scene undeniable.

While answering fan’s questions on GQ last month, he said: “For some-one that has been in Top Boy it’s undeniable.

“He’s given me a chance and a platform, given so many different artists a platform.”

And Dave feels a-lot of the time what Drake’s done for the scene is unappreciated in the UK as it ain’t really felt until you leave the country.

He admitted when he’s overseas, it’s for his work with Drake or his appearance in Top Boy that foreigners recognise him for.

Dave added: “When you really see it on a global scale, you have to go outside of the country to really understand.

” ‘Cos when I leave the UK that’s usually one of the first ways that I’m recognised, it’s either through music we’ve worked on together.

“Or, through acting on Top Boy, so I definitely think for the UK scene that he’s been very, very influential.”

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