AJ TRACEY’s going to do everything in his power to avoid become a washed up rapper who can’t let go of the game.

Way to often in the history of rap we’ve seen once hot, now cold musicians, desperately trying to cling on to their fame.

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But AJ, who’s had seven UK top 10 singles and two top 10 albums, has already seen the potential car crash ahead of him and plans to take an exit rout before he suffers the same fate as some of his fallen peers.

The West London artist’s already started putting things in place to make sure he won’t be that guy and shared them with British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enniful, who’s also from Ladbroke Grove.

The pair sat down on British Vogue’s YouTube channel and AJ said: “I don’t wanna be that guy that’s reached his sell-by-date and is forcing the kids to take in his music.

“But right now I’m good I’m alright for now.”

To make sure he stays good, the 27-year-old’s put money in property that he hopes brings him in more cash than music does at some point.

Sky’s the limit for AJ and he’d also love to give acting and fashion modelling a shot as he steps away from the music game.

He added: “I wanna do so many things I’d love to get into acting, I love fashion, I’d love to do the catwalk.”

Which Enniful, who was given an OBE in 2016 for Services to Diversity in the Fashion industry responded he’ll be more than happy to help the Ladbroke Grove star get into the game.

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