USAIN BOLT has become a multi-millionaire off the back of doing deals with some of the biggest companies in the world.

The Jamaican sprinter’s had major brands such as Hublot and Virgin all seducing him with lucrative offers during his rise to the top of the sport.

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Bolt’s also become the face of sportswear brand Puma who he’s managed to squeeze for £7.2 MILLION a-year.

But while all these fat cheques have given him a net worth of £64million (according to Go Banking Rates) Bolt started to clock that although he was eating, the companies he was working with were having a feast.

And he wanted to be sitting at that banquet too, so as he neared his retirement in 2017, he decided to tell the brands he’s working with that he wanted to renegotiate his contracts going forward.

Instead of giving him cash, the world-record holder of the men’s 100, 200 meters, and 4×100 meter relay and his manager told them he wants a piece of the company (equity) if they were gonna continue working together.

While speaking on the Earn Your Leisure podcast, Bolt said: “Later on in our career, we’re like you know what, we need to stop taking cash and get some equity.

“Because a-lot of these companies are only getting bigger and bigger and you’re leverage is only going to go up.

Bolt shared his investment advice on the Earn Your Leisure podcast

“So we decided that when the right companies come along and offer to pay you, we’re like nah give me some equity in this and were good, I’ll run all the commercials you want!

“As long as I get paid.”

But that doesn’t apply to just any company, Bolt’s only interested in working with the best of the best and told anyone looking to follow in his footsteps to make sure they do their research before choosing brands to invest in.

He added: “In the RIGHT companies, you gotta do your research, it’s not like we need the cash but at the end of the day, we can take the equity.

“And in the long run it’s there. I got three kids now I gotta think about the future!”

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