UNKNOWN T has reached many milestones in his musical career so far but none of them match the feeling of walking Louis Vuitton’s runway.

He’s had had 7 songs in the UK top 100, and his newly released album Adolescence peaked at No.8 in the charts.

But none of that came close to how he felt rocking the world’s No.1 designer brand in front of the fashion world’s elite.

The Homerton repper featured in LV’s Men’s Spring Summer Campaign which was put together by Virgil Abloh in June.

Although T was understandably nervous while showcasing LV’s latest drip at the Fashion Show, he admitted to Harry Pinero on No Stylist by Gaffer and StockX, that he was on top the world in that moment.

When Pinero asked to him to describe his emotions at the time, T said: “[It was] nerve wrecking, BUT, best feeling in the world!”

And it might not be the last time we see the rapper gracing the runway as he’s trying to branch away from music in the future.

He’s got a passion for fashion and also wouldn’t mind spending time with the models who are his type of flavour.

T added: “Where man’s tryna branch out of this music ting, and the models and that are my flock of birds, you get what I’m saying?”

And the 21-year-old’s dreams of being surrounded by models may come true if his relationship with Virgil continues to flourish.

The pair linked up again this month to promote the final restock of Unknown T’s PLACES+FACES collaboration with Billionaire Boy Club which was initially released in July.

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