PEOPLE who enjoy masturbating now have an excuse to indulge in it daily without shame.

Dr Jeff Foster has given those who like to self pleasure a reason to say they do it with their chest as a doctor has revealed that the stimulating activity can put you to sleep if you have problems doing so.

Knocking one out before bedtime knocks you out because the activity sedates you, Foster claims.

This is due to the amount of energy the body releases while you’re doing it that in needs to build back up.

In an interview with Glamour magazine and reported by Lad Bible, Foster said: “Sexual activity can also result in a calming or even sedating effect.”

“This is deliberate and is designed to allow our bodies to recover from the recent physical exertion of sexual activity or masturbation.”

And if the stats are right, Foster’s claims will be music to the ears of most the UK, who according to The Guardian Nigeria topped the list of countries with the most masturbators in the world last year.

They reported that 61% of Brits touched themselves intimately  in 2020, with one in 10 doing it at least three times a week.

The weather seems to play a major part in turning people on and this number rose to 14 sessions a week in summer.

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