OVER THE past year, both the Winners Talking Podcast (WTP) and Big Ego Media (BEM) have taken YouTube by storm.

Both platforms have been responsible for providing raw, hard-hitting content and interviews that man from, and those who are curious about the streets can connect to.

Despite only getting started last September, the WTP – hosted by Pounds Sterling and Big Doug has already gained 15,000 subscribers on YouTube and had a number of heavyweight guest appearances from the likes of So Solid’s Harvey and entertainer Richard Blackwood.

BEM – owned by Hackney Wick Football club founder Bobby Kasanga has 66K subscribers, although his YT channel’s been up and running since 2015.

Pounds and Kasanga both agree that although they were confident of success in the long run, popular Instagram blogger Made You Think definitely helped speed up the process.

During a sit down together on the BEM platform, the popular hosts credited MYT for bringing them to the masses by releasing clips of their shows on his Insta page which has over 250K followers out of respect for their work.

Pounds was just re-establishing himself in the game and his first show only had around 400 views but that quickly changed to thousands following MYT’s post.

He said: “Day 1 it got like 400 views, but thank God MYT picked it up and within a few days it was firing.”

Kasanga was quick to second this and praise MYT after he experienced the same with his show.

Despite doing brand deals with Nike and a few other major corporations, Kasanga acknowledged it was MYT who’s responsible for getting him to 32K followers on Insta.

He added: “I wanna touch on MYT for a second and give him his flowers.

“Although I’ve done stuff with Hackney FC and Nike and so on, I’ve now reached 32K followers on Insta.

“And I’m willing to say that he’s responsible for that, for the amount of times over the past four years that he’s posted my content without me even asking.”

The pair also believe that MYT has now become such an important part of the UK music scene that he has the potential to make and break artists, even if he’s not aware of his power.

Kasanga said: “He’s someone who I think is very influential, he probably doesn’t even know how influential he is, because he can actually buss your ting and make it grow.”

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