FREDO’s super smooth delivery on the ‘In The Fire’ track on Dave’s No.1 album gave Podcast host Chuckie and his guest Tazer Black a huge shock.

Although the knew the Mozart artist was hard, they didn’t know he was that HARD and expected him to get blown out the water on the single which featured rap heavyweights Giggs, Ghetto and Meekz Manny.

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But as soon as Fred came on the beat, he changed their whole perspective in an instant.

When talking about the track on his Halfcast podcast, they both agreed at the same time that when Fredo came in he sounded as clean as a whistle.

Which surprised Chuckie who thinks the Kick Game investor can sound abit uneasy on the beat at times.

He said: “If I’m being honest there’s times when Fredo sounds a tad uncomfortable on the beat.”

But Tazer had a theory as to why he believes this is the case and Dave has a big part to play in the difference.

The 3 Shots of Tequila host explained that when Fred’s with his crew, there’s no-one there to give him that extra push, while when he’s with Dave, he knows he has to up his game as the 23-year-old ain’t playing no games in the booth.

He broke it down further saying: “I personally think in his studio sessions he’s probably just got man dem with him and they’re have a vibe.

“And he hasn’t really paid attention to what’s going on, but when he’s with Dave, Dave’s telling him, big man, pull your socks up.”

Tazer may have a point as the rap duo are moving like US artists Lil Baby and Lil Durk with the amount of bangers they’ve made together.

Aside from their new smash on Dave’s We’re All In This Alone Together project, the pair got a No.1 with Funky Friday in 2018.

Dave later featured on Fredo’s single ‘All I Ever Wanted’, taken from Fredo’s debut album Third Avenue.

The Streatham born artist also featured on ‘Money Talks’, a single from Fredo’s second album Money Can’t Buy Happiness, which Dave executively produced.


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