ANY MAN trying to impress Skepta’s daughter with luxury trips in the future’s gonna find it hard as the MC’s showing her lifestyle from early.

The Tottenham-born artist has made it his mission to take the 2-year-old around the world so no man can try and stunt on her when she grows up.

And judging Skeppy’s whip game, his baby girl won’t be too fussed by the car any potential partner will be driving either.

The 38-year-old made his thoughts known en-route to pick up his brand new Rolls Royce Phantom in Mayfair which he ordered a few months ago.

While being chauffeured in a Rolls Royce Culinan to complete the purchase, which was recorded by Steelo TV, he said: “Nah I set the levels.

“You can’t try and tell my daughter, ‘I’ll fly you out to Dubai,’ my daughter’s been everywhere.”

This will be the second Rolls that the Boy Better Know member’s put his child in over the years.

Before the Phantom, he was cruising around town in a Wraith, which will now be his run around in the ends he claims.

When asked by his friend if he had any plans to get rid of it, he said: “Nah the Wraith’s staying there just to run around in, just to get from A to B.”

In other words, “Just for the wo wo wo,” as his friend he was rolling with let us know.

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