SHYNE PO has managed to convince his ex-Bad Boy boss Puff Daddy that he’s better at politics than former US president Barack Obama.

Shyne impressed his one-time co-defendant Puffy with his political technique as they discussed his transition from rapper to Belizean politician on Revolt TV.

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The platinum-selling artist was deported to Belize after doing a ten year bid for his role in a shooting alongside Puffy at a New York nightclub in 1999, and has now become leader of the country’s opposition United Democratic Party.

Puffy was curious to know how Shyne planned to topple the current Belize government, the People’s United Party, and what he would to do once in power.

But Shyne had come prepared and his answer didn’t disappoint Puffy.

The ex-gunman said: “I’m in politics to have a peaceful revolution, so I can when I look back and I’m 70-years-old I can say I transformed my country.

“And I made sure that everybody had a decent house to live in and had free education and give people a great quality of life.

“My dream is uplift my people, my dream is to liberate my people.”

The business mogul was so blown away by the Godfather Buried Alive rapper’s response, it led to him putting him above Obama, the only other politician he’s ever interviewed, in the politics game.

A shocked Puffy replied: “I only interviewed one other person that was in politics.

“And this is before he became president…Barack Obama, and you answering these questions better than Barack!”

It must’ve been like music to Shyne’s ears to be placed above the first American black president who he once called ‘corny’ in an MTV interview, for failing to do more to get him back in the US after his deportation.

Just incase Shyne thought Puffy was gassing him up, the business mogul offered to show him the interview to back up his claim.

He added: “I mean I can show you the interview!,” as the pair both laughed.

It’s one of the first times the pair have appeared on camera together since the unfortunate shooting happened two decades ago.

During the trial Puffy distanced himself from Shyne, although the Brooklyn rapper claimed to have buss his gun in the Ciroc owner, and then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez’s defence.

Once Shyne had been found guilty of two counts of assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession things soured between him and Puff, who he said had left him the lurch during his time behind bars.

While doing his bird, Shyne done several interviews dissing his former boss who he was adamant had thrown his under the bus to walk away clean from the case.

They briefly linked back up in 2012 and were seen together at the Kenzo show at Paris‘ Fashion Week.

But their alliance was short-lived and Shyne was back at Puffy’s neck just a few months later.

After all the drama between them, they seem to be in a good place and Puffy promised to support his one-time protégé in his efforts to become the leader of Belize.

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