DJ VLAD has claimed that DMX would’ve died much sooner if it weren’t for the money he gave him for an interview before his death.

That’s according to X’s manager Steve Rifkind who told him that after the rap icon passed away in April, Vlad alleges.

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X had finally agreed to have a sit-down with Vlad who had been chasing him for one for ages.

But only after Vlad had agreed to part with a large amount of funds to seal the deal with Rifkind.

The interview never managed to take place due to the ex-Ruff Ryder being out of New York for quite some time and that’s where Vlad’s based.

While talking to basketball legend John Salley on his YouTube platform, Vlad exclusively revealed: “I’ve hinted at this before but I’ll give you some more details publicly for the first time.

“We had actually paid him a a significant amount of money to do an interview with him.

“Me and his manager had worked out they wanted all the money upfront, we signed a contract and everything else like that but he was out of town.

“He got sick at one point and so forth, we kept re-scheduling, we kept waiting for him to come to back to New York because we didn’t want to do it remotely, we wanted to do it in person.

“And then he ended up passing.”

After his death, Vlad and Rifkind kept in touch and he told Vlad that although he didn’t get to chat to the rap icon, the money he gave DMX for the interview kept him alive for much longer.

Vlad added: “He (Rifkind) basically said that the money we paid for the interview actually kept him (DMX) alive longer because they used the money to keep him out of town.”

Rifkind said he used Vlad’s cash to keep X out of New York where he was more likely to be around drugs and bad influences.

The 50-year-old owner of Loud Records, who’s also responsible for bringing hood classic Paid In Full to our screens alongside Dame Dash, said he had the multi-platinum selling star living in Miami and Las Vegas where he was in better health.

But unfortunately the Yonkers artist had to return to his home city to finish off his album Exodus which was released after his death in April.

And it was when he adding the final touches to the body of work that reached No.8 on the charts that he met his untimely death.

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