CENTRAL CEE wants to conquer Europe next after taking the rap game in the UK by storm this year.

The West London rapper’s been grinding for years but finally burst through the door with his smash hit Loading which reached No.19 on the U.K charts last October.

Since then he’s gone on an incredible run, releasing hit after hit such as the catchy single, Commitment Issues which has made him a favourite with the ladies.

But the 22-year-old’s already put his new-found success behind him and has his sights set firmly on the future.

While many of his peers would be happy to be where he his right now, Cee wants more and aims to become a star in Europe.

He shared his ambition while chatting to Adam 22, who host’s the American podcast No Jumper.

When Adam asked him his career plans, Cee said: “Something I really want to do is bring Europe together as a whole, because Europe’s massive.

“We shouldn’t just be looking at London.”

And Cee’s already started to plant the seeds for his Euro takeover by doing songs with an Italian rapper named Rondo and a French one called Freeze Corleone 667.

Both tracks have had huge success with the Rondo one called Movie getting 6million views on YouTube and his song with Corleone, Polémique, hitting 10mill on the site.

Fans of the rising star can expect to see more features with artists in the continent as he thinks it makes more sense to collaborate with them over artists in England because it exposes him to a wider audience.

He explained his theory by saying: “It makes more sense, me and Rondo can both capitalise off it more, whereas if I’m doing a song with someone in the UK, nine times out of 10 their fans already know me.

“And my fans already know them, so what’s the point?”


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